Why Do Whales Exist with Matthew Speight

Monday 15th June 7:30pm

As odd a question as it might sound, answering it might give us valuable clues to fighting cancer. Huh? How’s that?! It’s long been known that the plant kingdom is a veritable treasure trove of medicinal goodies. More recently however, scientists have been investigating our fellow animals – from super regenerating salamanders to the most venomous of snakes, to the largest 200-year-old whales – for clues and inspiration to tackle many real-world problems. Meet some of the live animals and learn more as we embark on a medical safari through the animal kindgom!

Matthew is a postgraduate research student in zoology, and outreach academic leader, at Imperial College London. When not rummaging through the undergrowth after interesting critters, he spends his time navigating the boundaries between life science, mathematics and computer science – undertaking an interdisciplinary approach to solving evolutionary and ecological problems. Currently this involves research into cancer resistance in whales and dolphins, with the hope the results will prove useful in preventing cancer in human beings.


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