What does Art have to do with Science with Chiara Ambrosio

Monday 18th May 7:30pm

In an age of interdisciplinary collaborations, the idea that art and science should be working side by side is often pitched as the ultimate form of ‘cutting edge’ research. But what does really art have to do with science? In this talk, I will explore the long history of the collaborations between artists and scientists, and evaluate some of the different and often conflictual forms these collaborations take. I will try to use that history as a critical framework to think about the value we currently attribute to projects that cut across art and science, and reflect on the implications of the widespread assumption that any collaboration between art and science will inevitably lead to interdisciplinary (and inherently desirable) results.

Chiara Ambrosio is a Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL. Her research focuses on the visual culture(s) of science, especially in their relations with the visual arts. Her most recent publications explore this relation philosophically, through studies of the practices of drawing and the use of diagrams across art and science, and historically, with particular reference to the early history of photography and the relations between modernism and science.


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