Through the Cooking Glass: The Wonderland of Flavours and Aromas

Monday April 14th

Human beings are one of the very few species that will eat anything they can digest, and we have developed the unique technical ability to transform raw food that is unappetising, sometimes indigestible and even toxic into something that is attractive in appearance, smell and taste, good to feel in the mouth and easily digested.

When raw foods are cooked or otherwise prepared a number of chemical changes occur, which result in desirable gastronomic and nutritional changes.

In this talk John will explore how we detect desirable aromas and tastes, the chemistry involved in their development during cooking, how tastes and aromas interact, how external signals affect our gustatory experience and how the molecular structure of flavour components changes the way we identify them. There will be an interactive element where John will attempt to demonstrate how sound influences smell!


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