The spicy science of pain with Fiona Russell

Monday 16th March 2015

Everyone has experienced pain at some point in their lives. It is vital to feel pain so you can move away from the painful stimulus to prevent any further damage. Normally, the feeling of pain does not last long. However, 20% of people suffer from chronic pain, defined as pain lasting for longer than three months. Current pain drugs are ineffective for many people or result in serious side effects. Thus, there is a huge need to develop better pain medication.

Fiona is a biomedical scientist at King’s College London and has been working in pain research for 10 years. She will talk about how chillies are involved in pain. We are all familiar with the burning mouth, red face and sweating that occurs after eating hot chilli peppers. But why do some people cope with eating hot food much better than others and how has this led to new pain drugs? This talk will explain all and feature a chilli tasting contest.


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