The History of Rocketry with Jon London

Monday April 20th

“Setting off gunpowder in a fully licensed bar, what could possibly go wrong?”

A special evening of history, science, explosions and mayhem. This talk takes a look at the history of rocketry over the last two and a half thousand years, from Ancient Greece through China to the space race and the modern day.

Along the way we set off some gunpowder, show you how to make a 2000 year old steam engine, fly a rubber chicken and fire up a live hybrid rocket engine.

It’s equal parts history lesson and science lesson, with a bit of surreal comedy thrown in for good measure. (Not thrown in by us, it’s just that the history of rocketry is weird.)

Jon London is a science presenter who has been involved with several TV shows. He’s been a behind-the-scenes boffin on Braniac and Stargazing LIVE and is now creating chaos at Cambridge Science Centre. He’s one of the few people in the UK fully insured to bring gunpowder into primary schools.


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