Exploring the Invisible: a scientist’s adventures in between microbiology and art

Monday 20th July 7:30pm

Microorganisms, and particularly bacteria, suffer from a serious public relations problem. In reality, and away from mostly damaging news headlines, many of these organisms are harmless and in fact vital for all other life on Earth. The exciting interface between art and science is being used to showcase the beauty, importance, and unexpected sophistication of these organisms. This talk will outline some of my own art projects, which portray microbes in highly unusual and sometimes provocative ways. Examples will include glow-in-the-dark bacteria, how bacteria can be taught to paint, and a microorganism that will solve mazes (this particular microbe will be available to take home as a pet at the event).

Dr Simon Park is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Surrey, where he teaches Microbiology and Molecular Biology. He also works at the fertile intersection between art and science and here, he has been involved in many innovative microbiology projects. A notable highlight includes a painting of John Millais’s Ophelia made completely out of living and pigmented bacteria (which for example come in blue, green, red, purple, pink, orange and yellow). Along the way, his work and workshops have featured on BBC television, widely in the international and national press, and at locations such as The Royal Institution, The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, and The Eden Project.

This event is part of Guildford Fringe Festival.

FREE FRINGE http://www.guildfordfringefestival.com/sessions/exploring-the-invisible-cafe-sci-talk/


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